Travel Data for March

March brought with it tighter restrictions and penalties for non-essential travel. A new “traffic light” system for travel destinations was announced and as we approach summer we’re likely to see some big changes to these numbers as we go in May.


Most popular travel destination from the UK for March

The usual names shuffled around in the top five this month with no major changes.

Country Travel Popularity Last Month Change
India 1st 4th +3
France 2nd 4th +2
Spain 3rd 5th +2
Ireland 4th 3rd -1
Romania 5th 7th +2


Largest increases in travel popularity

March sees the USA shoot back up into the top 10. Khazakstan, Slovakia, Sweeden, and Denmark also made a considerable climb.

Country Travel Popularity Change
USA (United States) 8 +100
Kazakhstan 32 +67
Slovakia 50 +58
Sweden 52 +53
Denmark 59 +49


Largest decreases in travel popularity

A large drop for Côte d’Ivoire, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Togo, Republic of Congo, and Mali, most likely as a result of changes to entry requirements.

Country Travel Popularity Last Month Change
Côte d’Ivoire 146 26 -120
Bosnia and Herzegovina 145 66 -80
Togo 144 64 -79
Republic of Congo 143 71 -75
Mali 142 61 -69