Coronavirus Silver Linings : Part 3

Back by popular demand. Here are a couple more good things that occurred, not just in spite of, but because of these testing times.

We have had more time to spend with our families

Is this supposed to be in the good things that happened during COVID-19? Are you sure? Are you really sure? Okay, enough of the jokes. How much quality time did we spend with our nearest and dearest prior to lockdown? If you’re honest, I bet you spent more time at work than you did with your partner or children. We get it, modern lives are hectic and finding time for your family can be difficult. COVID-19 has redressed the balance by pushing us back together. We have been forced to interact with our loved ones in ways that we probably haven’t in years. Quality time with our family is all we’ve had, and we’ve grown closer because of it… or gotten divorced. One or the other.

But not only that, we’ve connected with distant relatives more by finding the time to talk to them via the Internet. Zoom meetings with elderly aunts and uncles have been commonplace showing to us that if we reach out more to the people in our lives, we reap the reward in terms of the love we receive back.

Zoom Call

Road accidents have been vastly reduced

In a normal year (and this really ain’t one of them) road accidents will account for nearly three and a half thousand deaths every day.  But with stay-at-home orders keeping people away from their cars, this figure has drastically reduced. In some parts of the world road-related deaths have all but disappeared and serious injuries from traffic collisions are at the lowest level in decades.


Check back next week for even more heartwarming stories.

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