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Can I still go on Holiday abroad during lockdown?

While the answer may seem obvious, a more relaxed lockdown has caused people to question whether they can travel, or even go on holiday abroad during the lockdown.

While the government rules clearly state ‘no unessential travel’, lack of enforcement, combined with some chicanery by the airlines has meant that most air travel still taking place is technically non-essential.

UK residents may have noticed that the second national lockdown is not being treated as strictly as the first. Shops, which can’t possibly be described as “essential” have remained open. The potential of a pre-Christmas vaccine may have also caused some would-be travellers to re-assess the importance of diligence.

Airlines have not been the most helpful either. To avoid giving refunds, some airlines have continued to run scheduled flights, regardless of if there are any passengers aboard.

The ambiguity of what classes as essential and the general lack of consequence has been the fuel for the continuation of non-essential travel.

Can I still go on Holiday abroad during lockdown?

What are the consequences of non-essential travel?

The consequence for not complying with lockdown restrictions have included fines and, in some cases, arrests. You could potentially be barred from prevented the plane. Travel data indicates that non-essential travel is most likely to be inconsequential in terms of the aforementioned fines, etc. However, you should apply common sense when deciding whether or not your trip is essential. The restrictions are in place for a reason and there are still no guarantees that a vaccine will arrive soon. Even if a vaccine is approved before the end of the year, it certainly won’t be widely available until 2021.

Our advice is to plan something post-lockdown and apply common sense to any travel.

Where are holidaymakers travelling to during lockdown?

Pre-lockdown, Cyprus was the most popular holiday destination for UK residents. Over the last two weeks, the data shows that Spain has not become the most popular destination, soaring a whopping 31 places when compared to October.


Regardless of the reason for travel, all travellers must comply with their destinations entry requirements which often include a fit-to-fly certificate (PCR Test).